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In today’s fast-paced world, our kitchen appliances play a crucial role in making our lives easier and more convenient. LG is a renowned brand known for its high-quality kitchen appliances that enhance the efficiency and functionality of our homes. However, even the most reliable appliances can encounter issues over time. That’s where the Appliance Technician comes in. With our expertise and knowledge, we provide exceptional repair services for LG kitchen appliances in Ottawa-Gatineau, and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re facing problems with your LG dishwasher, oven, fridge, washer, dryer, or any other appliance or even you need installation, our appliance repair company is your go-to solution.

LG Kitchen Appliances: Reliable and Innovative

LG is a renowned brand in the world of kitchen appliances, offering innovative and reliable products that enhance our daily lives. However, even the most high-quality appliances can encounter issues over time. That’s where our LG appliance repair services come in. We specialize in fixing all types of LG appliances, ensuring that they continue to function optimally for years to come.

LG appliance repair

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LG Home Appliances We Repair

LG Washer Repair: Keeping Your Clothes Clean and Fresh

If your washer starts acting up, it can throw your laundry routine off balance, resulting in heaps of unwashed garments. Rest assured, our skilled technicians are experts in LG washer repair. We possess the know-how to address a range of issues such as leaks, drainage problems, and malfunctioning controls. With our reliable expertise, you can confidently expect clean and fresh clothes with every wash.

Happy woman with LG washer

LG Fridge Repair: Preserving Your Food's Freshness

When your fridge malfunctions, it can result in food spoilage and unnecessary grocery waste. At Appliance Tech, we comprehend the significance of a well-operating refrigerator, which is why we provide efficient LG fridge repair services. Our team of experts is well-versed in identifying and resolving various issues, including a malfunctioning compressor, a damaged door seal, or an erratic thermostat. Experience the convenience of a fully functional refrigerator by entrusting us with your LG fridge repair needs.

Important Note for LG Compressor Motor Issues: If you’re facing problems with the compressor motor of your LG appliance, we recommend contacting LG directly as it is typically covered under their warranty. Please note that our appliance repair company does not provide repair services for compressor motors. However, we are here to assist you with all other appliance repairs.
A girl opening a LG refrigerator

LG Dryer Repair: Drying Your Laundry with Ease

Experiencing extended drying times with your LG dryer? This may indicate a clogged vent or a malfunctioning heating element. Fortunately, our proficient technicians specialize in LG dryer repair and possess the expertise to swiftly identify and address the problem. Bid farewell to damp laundry as we restore your dryer to its optimal functionality. Say hello to impeccably dried clothes once again by availing yourself of our professional appliance repair services.

LG dryer

LG Dishwasher Repair: Restoring Efficiency to Your Kitchen

An unruly dishwasher has the power to throw your everyday rhythm off balance, leaving you with a daunting stack of unwashed plates. Our team of skilled professionals possesses extensive knowledge in the realm of LG dishwasher restoration, swiftly diagnosing and rectifying any predicament that arises. Whether it be obstructed spray arms or malfunctioning heating components, our proficiency guarantees the restoration of your dishwasher’s former magnificence.

A thankful woman after repairing LG dishwasher

LG Oven Repair: Enjoying the Pleasures of Home Cooking

A beloved fixture in any kitchen, an LG oven holds the key to crafting delectable feasts and indulgent delights. However, if your oven’s heat wanes or temperature wavers, it’s a good moment to summon the experts. Our proficient technicians excel in the art of LG oven repair services, guaranteeing optimal performance and reinstating the joy of homemade culinary endeavors. Don’t let a malfunctioning oven curb your gastronomic adventures, let us restore its capabilities, and relish the pleasures of cooking at home once more.

Surprised woman after using LG oven

LG error codes You may see

LG Washer Problems

Kinked drain hose

Unable to fill with water

Unbalance load

LG Dishwasher Problems

Not filling

Not draining

Water leak detected

LG Fridge Problems

Unit in demo or display mode

Ice maker fan or sensor is disconnected or malfunctioning

LG Stove Problems

Stuck button

Temperature sensor is open

Temp sensor short-circuited

Appliance Technician: Your Trusted Repair Solution

At Appliance Technician, we take pride in being your trusted repair partner for all your LG appliance needs. Our team of skilled technicians is committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring your complete satisfaction. With our expertise, prompt response, and affordable pricing, you can trust us to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

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Called in the morning and my dishwasher was working before noon. Technician was great, polite and very knowledgeable. I will call Appliance Technician again if I need same day home appliance repair services in Ottawa.

Mike McAuliffe

Paul arrived on the same day as I placed my service call and was very knowledgeable and efficient. He fixed my problem right away and was a pleasure to work with. I will definitely use them again and I highly recommend others to do so as well. Thank You!”

David Brennan

Yuri fixed my washing machine. He was very friendly and polite. He had the parts needed to fix the machine with him and was able to diagnose the problems very quickly, so the machine was ready to go within about an hour of Yuri arriving. The price was also reasonable.

Bryan Muir

I called multiple appliance repair shops who said they don’t fix Bloomberg dryer. Appliance Technician was one of the few. I am extremely happy with the quality of service I received from the receptionist who took my call to the actual technician who quickly assessed and fixed the issue.


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LG Appliance Repair Near You

We understand that appliance breakdowns can be frustrating and inconvenient. That’s why we offer LG appliance repair services in Ottawa, Nepean, Gloucester, Orleans, Kanata, and Gatineau. Our team of skilled technicians is just a phone call away and will promptly come to your location to assess and fix the issue. With our convenient on-site repairs, you don’t have to worry about transporting your appliances to a repair shop.

LG Appliance Repair Cost: Fair Services for Every Budget

Concerned about the cost of LG appliance repair? We offer transparent and competitive pricing to suit every budget. Our aim is to provide high-quality repair services without breaking the bank. With our upfront pricing and no hidden fees, you can trust that you’re getting the best value for your money.

How do I know if I need LG appliance repair?

  • The appliance is not turning on or has no power.
  • It is making strange noises or unusual sounds.
  • The appliance is not heating, cooling, or functioning properly.
  • There are leaks, water pooling, or other water-related issues.
  • The appliance is displaying error codes or error messages.
  • If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to reach out to our professional appliance repair service for a diagnosis and prompt repair.

How much does LG appliance repair cost?

The cost of LG appliance repair can vary depending on the type of appliance and the specific problem it’s experiencing. At Ottawa Appliance Repair, we strive to offer competitive and transparent pricing. Once our technician diagnoses the issue, they will provide you with an estimate for the repair cost, including any necessary parts and labor.

Trustworthy and Efficient LG Appliance Repair Services in Ottawa, Ontario

When your LG kitchen appliances encounter issues, don’t let them disrupt your daily life. Seek our professional repair services to restore their functionality and extend their lifespan. At Appliance Technician, we specialize in LG appliance repair and offer comprehensive solutions for all your repair needs. From dishwasher and oven repairs to fridge, washer, and dryer repairs, our expert technicians will provide efficient and reliable services. If you’re based in Ottawa, Ontario, our dedicated team is here to serve you. We are proud to be a part of the local community, providing top-notch LG appliance repair services to homeowners and businesses alike. Call us at (613) 701-1800 now and Count on our expertise and professionalism to solve all your appliance issues efficiently and effectively.