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Privacy Policy

1. Our Commitment

Appliance Technician ( “appliance technicians”, “appliance tech”, “we”, “us”, “our”) is committed to preserving and safeguarding your privacy. This privacy policy delineates our information security practices and how we handle the information provided to us by our users. You can view this privacy policy at any time by scrolling to the bottom of any page on our website.

2. Information Collection

We collect information voluntarily provided by our users. Please note, that the majority of our website can be accessed without providing any personal information.

3. Use of Your Information

Appliance Technician does not rent, sell, or distribute your personal information. Our primary purposes for collecting information are:

  • To curate a website with content that is most relevant to you and fulfills your expectations.
  • To send service offerings, discounts, promotional materials, and invitations to participate in events, provided you have given your consent.

We securely store the information you provide for an indefinite period to fulfill these goals. We will promptly delete all your provided information upon receiving a written request.

4. Data Security

Appliance Technician is committed to protecting your information and using it solely for the purposes mentioned above. We comply with the most recent security standards to prevent unauthorized access and maintain up-to-date information security procedures that are reviewed and updated weekly.

5. Use of Cookies

Like many other websites, we may use cookies to enhance user experience. Some cookies may interfere with website performance or slow down page loading. You can modify your browser settings to accept or refuse cookies, which can help configure your browsing experience.

6. Third-Party Websites

Appliance Technician does not endorse or represent any third-party sites linked on our website, nor do we control their content or security standards. We are not responsible for how these third-party sites handle your information. We advise against providing personal information to any unfamiliar parties.

7. Feedback & Queries

We welcome your suggestions regarding this privacy policy and are ready to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us.