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Liebherr refrigerators are synonymous with quality. Our appliances are always manufactured with design in mind, using the latest technology. Be it a freestanding side-by-side, integrated pigeon pair, or built-in under-counter models, Liebherr’s appliances ooze sophistication. And with the rising trend towards open-plan living, our premium integrated models offer the ultimate finish to any kitchen décor.

A Multitude Of Features

Liebherr refrigerators offer a multitude of features such as LED lighting, SuperCool, and SuperFrost functions. GlassLine storage shelves are strong, easy to clean, and scratch-resistant. But perhaps one of our most significant features is the BioFresh technology, which provides ultimate food freshness for longer.

BioFresh Technology

The BioFresh technology offers you just the right climate for all different kinds of food. The low-humidity DrySafe is ideal for storing meat, fish, and dairy products. HydroSafe with a high level of humidity is best for fruit and vegetables. Temperature is maintained via precision electronics at 0°C, thus preventing your food from freezing.

Selected models feature BioFresh-Plus, which enables storage of fish and exotic fruits at -2°C, 0°C, or 6°C. Foods stored in BioFresh and BioFresh-Plus compartments retain their quality, healthy vitamins, aroma, and appetizing appearance for significantly longer than in a conventional fridge.


Premium Wine Storage

Our passion for producing exceptional refrigerators flows through to our range of premium, quality wine cabinets. It was in the 1980s that our manufacturing process expanded to include an extensive range of wine cabinets.

Incorporating the latest climate technology, our wine cabinets provide the perfect conditions for wines to mature. Features include a state-of-the-art electronic control system and a unique compressor designed to absorb vibrations. Other thoughtfully designed features include activated charcoal filters and automatic humidity control. Double-glazed tinted glass doors provide essential UV protection. With single to multi-temperature zone options, Liebherr is your best bet when it comes to premium wine storage.

premium wine storage

Today, Liebherr manufactures and distributes a vast array of refrigerators and wine cabinets around the globe. With superior German engineering, we are leading the world in design, innovation, and energy efficiency. Discover our full range of appliances on our website.