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Remember the refrigerator that you bought for your house for the first time back in the 20th century? The one that looked brand new once cleaned, the one that didn’t have a separate door for the freezer and the one that seemed to go on forever? Technology has changed and so do choices! We want those appliances for our house which go with our interiors, match the trend and are user-friendly. But these “so-called” fancy appliances have a short lifespan, and this is something which the industry also admits! This post is to talk about modern-era refrigerators which require repairs occasionally.

Common Problems Associated with Refrigerators

The industry trends have seen a decline in the quality and longevity of parts over the past 10-15 years. The common issues which have been noticed in refrigerators by users across the world are listed below:

  • A problem with compressors – they last about 1/3 to ¼ long as they used to;
  • The doors are glued instead of being screwed properly and thus because of push and pull, they lose their friction and require fridge repairs ultimately;
  • Refrigerator light bulbs are glued and eventually split and break;
  • Refrigerators start leaking because of complicated structure- every refrigerator has black condenser coils which are required to be cleaned properly to put less pressure on the compressor. If these are not cleaned, then the compressor works 2-4 times harder than is desired which decreases the life of the fridge. But the current appliances are built in a complicated manner and thus it is impossible to clean the coils.

These are just a few shortcomings to list down but there are many such cases across the globe. But don’t worry, our refrigerator repair service in Ottawa is here to your rescue.

The concept of planned obsolescence

There is one thing about the appliance industry which one should know and that is ‘planned obsolescence! With new technology continually entering the market, products become old and consumers don’t prefer to keep anything old when it is affordable. Every year the manufacturers release slightly updated versions of the same refrigerator model which have a slightly updated look and feel, are sleek, stylish and have a signature feature that is a little more advanced. The launch of energy saver refrigerators and the ones which are environment-friendly made all the old models obsolete in one day! The dynamics of this industry are unique as the manufacturers make their own products obsolete by launching a new model.

How many times has it happened that the company doesn’t have the spare part available or fridge repair services for the refrigerator that you bought two years back? They are ready to exchange your old refrigerator for a new one, but they don’t have spare parts for the old one! If you are looking for an example which is more relatable then take the example of your smartphone. The phone batteries don’t last long after a few years and the software becomes sluggish too! Instead of getting it repaired, you look for an exchange offer and get a new phone.

Another side of the coin

The concept of planned obsolescence which is technically defined as “planning policy to design a product with an artificially limited useful life so it will become obsolete, in other words, unfashionable or no longer functional after a certain period of time”, is something which is happening for years and everyone does it. The other side of the coin could be that we have advanced in technology or diversified which means that engineers are eager to do experimentation and if one product fails, they aim for a better one. We have enough and sufficient resources to ‘improve’ the technology! If the lifespan of new refrigerators has fallen then so are the prices! The old refrigerators were quite expensive, and you couldn’t even think of replacing one! But our fridge and freezer repair service has always been affordable!

We are here to ensure the worth of your investment

It’s like a vicious circle! A lot of refrigerators are manufactured due to high demand; high demand is because refrigerators have a short life which requires more engineers. These refrigerators then run into issues and thus increases the demand for customer representatives and fridge repair service providers like us! Investment in a customer representative base needs to be justified and thus the present days’ refrigerators are built to have a repair service soon!

This is where we step in as we understand this whole industry. We are neutral players in this market and aim to provide you service which is worth your every penny spent. Our refrigeration technicians are enriched with refrigerator repairing experience and this is the reason that we offer a warranty of up to one year on all our repairs. The refrigerators are believed to stay with you for more than 15 years and our reliable and trustworthy refrigerator repair service in Ottawa will provide you with an assurance that it sails successfully during all these years. As a consumer, our expectation of the lifespan of household appliances is also reducing but that doesn’t mean that we believe in premature scrapping. When it comes to breakdowns, refrigerators can be repaired and restored to perfect working order and this is what we at aim for!

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