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If your refrigerator breaks down or has problems, it is vital to get it up and running again since it keeps your food at the proper temperature and frozen. With modern technology, appliances are becoming more sophisticated, and you need a professional to accurately diagnose a problem. At Appliance Technician Ltd, our trained technicians are prepared to resolve almost any refrigerator problem.

With parts and labor warranty, we stand behind the work we do and find the problem. With years of experience, we are among the best-rated appliance repair company in town

The refrigerators we work on

Side by side Refrigerator

❇Top Freezers

❇French door bottom freezers

❇Single door bottom freezers

❇Freestanding or built-in Refrigerators


 Our mission at Appliance Technician is to provide honest service free of sales pressure. We deal with repairs only, not sales. Even if a replacement would be more cost-effective, we will give you our honest opinion.

The common Refrigerator Issues we deal

?Not Cooling Properly

?Water Leaks

?Not defrosting 

?Ice Maker not working

?Condenser Fan Problems

?Evaporator Fan Problems

?Compressor not starting 

?Noisy Fridge or Freezer


If you found any related issue with your refrigerator visit today, or  Call now

We provide affordable prices, and same-day service almost most of the time, to keep you safe from hassle and wastage of resources.